Key Documents

The Key Documents section includes all of the documents posted during the period of National Grid’s responsibility for the Site and now includes documents posted by Liberty Utilities as the project goes forward. National Grid and New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) documents, as well as reports produced by consultants, will continue to be identified by their original source.

You can access Key Documents related to the Lower Liberty Hill site from the links below:

Major Reports are documents prepared by independent engineering consultants to Liberty Utilities and previously National Grid (and its predecessors), and accepted by the NHDES as well as certain documents prepared by the NHDES. Among the reports you will find here are the Site Investigation Report which describes the environmental conditions found on the site and in its vicinity; the Remedial Action Plan (RAP), RAP Addendum, and RAP Addendum No. 2; the Conceptual Remedial Design Report, Pre-Design Investigation Report, and Remedial Design Plans and Specifications. Other documents will be added to this section as they are finalized.

Public Announcements are documents that have been distributed to the neighbors of the site as major reports and milestones were reached and public meetings scheduled.

Reports Archive: During the earlier phases of the project, National Grid provided a monthly report on activities related to the remediation of the site. The report included a summary of the previous month’s activities and a two month ahead forecast of planned activities, focusing on those that could impact normal community activities. The reports are archived in chronological order. Liberty Utilities' reports began in July 2012. Weekly updates begin with the start of remedial construction in 2014 in May 2014. At that time, Liberty Utilities also began posting weekly Air Monitoring Reports which may be found?here.