About the Lower Liberty Hill Site
Aerial View of the Lower Liberty Hill Site (outlined in red).
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The Lower Liberty Hill Road Disposal Site in Gilford, NH is a former gravel pit at which liquid wastes from a demolished Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site in Laconia were deposited in the early 1950’s with the permission of the then private property owner. The MGP was owned by a company called Gas Service, Inc. Gas Service, Inc. was acquired in the early 1980’s by a company that became EnergyNorth Natural Gas, Inc., which was acquired by KeySpan Corporation in 2000. KeySpan, in turn, was acquired by National Grid in 2007. Liberty Utilities, a utility operating in a growing number of states, acquired National Grid’s New Hampshire operations in 2012, and has accepted responsibility for the remediation of the wastes on Lower Liberty Hill because they were generated at a former MGP that was owned and operated by a predecessor company. The location of the Site was reported to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) by KeySpan in October 2004, and since that time a remedial investigation has been conducted, options to remediate it developed and analyzed, and a Remedial Design prepared and accepted by the NHDES. The Site is now ready for remediation, primarily the removal of contaminated soil, which will begin in spring 2014 and continue through 2015.

In the early 1970’s, the Lower Liberty Hill property was subdivided and eventually developed into four residential properties sold to private parties for houses. There is no record that Gas Service, Inc. or any of its employees were told at the time the liquid wastes were disposed of that the area was being developed for residential use. The four residences were acquired by KeySpan in 2006 and two of the structures were demolished to facilitate the remediation. The remaining structures were demolished in October 2013.

This website provides information on the Lower Liberty Hill Disposal Site, the remediation plan and opportunities for public participation. Liberty Utilities is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment, always seeking ways to minimize the environmental impacts of past, present and future activities. We hope this website, a part of our public participation and outreach efforts, is helpful and informative. If you need additional information or have suggestions to make our website better, please contact the individuals listed under Contacts.

Liberty Hill Site in October 2015

The fully remediated Liberty Hill Site photographed from above in October. Liberty Utilities will complete the seeding of center of the site with perennial grass in Spring 2016.

About this Website

Welcome to Liberty Utilities’ website for neighbors and others interested in the remediation of the Lower Liberty Hill Road Disposal Site. The website includes background information about the Site, a description of the work that has been done to define its environmental condition, a description of the work that has been done to remediate those conditions, periodic updates on the work, a repository for all of the major reports and public communications about the Site and a page with contacts for the company and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.

About Liberty Utilities

Liberty Utilities is an independent water, natural gas and electric company providing local utility management, service and support to small and mid-sized communities across the United States. With more than 300,000 customers, Liberty Utilities is committed to local decision making that directly meets the needs of its customers. Liberty Utilities currently operates in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri and Texas as well as New Hampshire. For more information about Liberty Utilities please go to the company’s website at www.libertyutilities.com. For more information on Liberty Utilities’ acquisition of National Grid’s New Hampshire operations in 2012, please click here to read the press release.

NHDES Approves Remedial Plans

All of the plans for the remediation of the Liberty Hill Disposal Site have been developed with the oversight of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES). On December 20, 2013, the NHDES announced its acceptance of the Remedial Design Plans and Specifications, prepared by Liberty Utilities and its engineering consultants, to remediate the Site through the excavation and removal of an estimated 40,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil. The work required the temporary removal of approximately 55,000 cubic yards of clean soil to access the contaminated soil. The contaminated soil was taken away by truck to approved disposal and treatment facilities. Clean soil was returned and used with the on-site removed clean soil to return the Site to current grade. The remediation began in spring 2014, and required approximately two years to complete with a construction schedule break in the winter months of 2014-15. Construction and restoration were completed in September 2015. The reports related to the design of the Plan and other construction plans can be found by clicking here or by going to the Major Report section of the Key Documents tab of this website.

Update -- Autumn 2015

Remediation and restoration of the Liberty Hill site was completed in September 2015. Liberty Utilities and its contractors have continued to visit the site to address minor issues and to evaluate the effectiveness of the restoration. Because the re-seeding of the central area of the site occurred late in the 2015 growing season, grass did not emerge as desired, the seedlings and soil were covered with a protective mix, and additional perennial grass seed will be spread next spring. Liberty Utilities and its contractors will return to the site during the coming months to observe site conditions and address any issues as required.

If you have any questions or comments about the work on the Site, please use the Site Telephone Hotline at 603-216-3600.